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We guarantee the quality according to pre-agreed specifications

All work is performed using professional equipment, skilled workers

Prices are based on 1 kg

Production Services

  • Treatment round walnut

    Treatment round walnut

    0.5 $

    Service includes: washing, drying, sizing and packaging round nut.

    The minimum amount of 6 tons.

    Capacity: 600 kg / h.

  • Peeling walnut

    Peeling walnut

    0.1 $

    Peeling walnut on equipment AMB Rousset.

    The service does not include: bulkhead.

    The minimum amount of 1 ton.

    Performance: 150 to 450 kg / h.

  • Peeling with bulkhead

    Peeling with bulkhead

    1 $

    Peeling walnut with bulkhead includes: receiving the output core and shell separately and partitions.

    Minimum: the amount of 500 kg.

    Performance: 40 kg / h.

  • Calibration core

    Calibration core

    0.1 $

    Calibration walnut kernels. At our facility you can split the total mass nuclei into fractions according to your needs and get rid of dust and aspiration through walls.

    The minimum amount of 1 ton.

    Performance equipment: 800 kg / h.

  • Bulkhead kernel

    Bulkhead kernel

    0.15 $

    Bulkhead walnut kernels. This service will allow not only split the core in color, but also dry and remove rotten core, get rid of the remnants of the shell.

    The minimum amount of 500 kg.

    Performance: 250 kg / h.

  • Vacuum packaging

    Vacuum packaging

    0.2 $

    Vacuum packaging core will help keep the core from loss of moisture and color for a considerable period, and protection from pests.

    Performance: 300 kg / h.

  • Bulkhead crumbs

    Bulkhead crumbs

    2 $

    Bulkhead crumb size from 2 to 6 mm.

    Performance depends on the volume.

Custom services

  • Custom services

    Custom services

    0.6 $

    Custom services

Realization services

  • Salling products

    Salling products

    0.3 $

    Selling your products in Turkey