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We export quality round nuts and kernels

  The Investment - Trading Group of Companies "Leader" includes enterprises in Odessa and Uman, a Trading Company in Turkey and representation in the European Union.

  Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern high-performance equipment that allows to get washed, graded by size and packed round nut, to make a split nut and get a high-quality nut kernel, to keep the finished product in cold stores. The capacities of the company are capable of producing more than 1,000 tons of calibrated round nut and the same number of nut kernel.

  Enterprises have sanitary and other required certificates, including ISO 22000: 2007.

  Personnel of the company have many years of experience in working with walnuts in various countries and are constantly improve the skills.

  Openly discussing the terms of cooperation, we will find solutions that benefit both sides. So we invite you to just such cooperation.